Is your next trip up? Explore GiftMyTrip

It is a platform that enables travelers & property owners to help socio-economic projects raise donation around the world at no extra cost.

   When a hotel is booked, a cause listed on app gets up to 6% of the booking amount as a donation at no extra cost to the traveler.


The Only App that gets you happiness when you book your Hotel at No Extra Cost to YOU

While you enjoy your trip & holidays with your dear & near ones, we make a donation to your advised cause on behalf of you.


We Believe every e-transaction can be a Social e-transaction

125 billion hotel bookings are done online annually through various travel apps. Even if, we funnel $1 on every e-transaction, it will be $125 billion, an important money needed by a social causes, non profits and charities across the globe.

   n GiftMyTrip, each e-transaction carries a social value that can change lives at no extra cost to you.


We are not just a travel Booking app

We provide a platform for traveler, hotel & flat owners directly to the development projects around the world to help them raise donation on every booking.


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Over 50,000 ratings & 10,0000 downloads in the Play Store.