Frequently Asked Questions

We are a mission-driven Online Travel Portal Company where social impact and self-sustainability are our primary goals. The main difference between GiftMyTrip & other travel portals is that they make huge profit and we contribute huge profit to causes on behalf of you.

---GiftMyTrip is an Online Travel Portal (OTP) started as a crazy idea to enable each traveler to make his/her trip meaningful by supporting his/her favorite s---GiftMyTrip is an Online Travel Portal (OTP) started as a crazy idea to enable each traveler to make his/her trip meaningful by supporting his/her favorite social causes across the globe. Every time you book a Hotel, Flight, a Holiday, Bus, Train & Car, GiftMyTrip donates upto 5% of the booking amount to your favorite causes listed on

GiftMyTrip is an innovative & crazy idea that drives every responsible traveler to make some social impact and be a social traveler at NO EXTRA COST while other online travel portals (OTPs)  are making billions of dollars of profits out of our trips

No. We do not charge single penny other than the actual amount you pay for your Booking. Don’t think your deals are steeled. They are intact more or less, you will pay the same amount what you pay on other travel portals when you  book your trip.

Initially, we’ve raised capital & resources from social investors to fund our technology, field operations and other long-term expenditures. Our goal is to be a self-sustainable organization. We keep 3% com as platform fees for our operational and overhead expenses. In addition to this, we also run a small commercial ads as passive income to the company.

Yes we do accept donation offline. Please contact us at

Causes, Selection & Contribution

GiftMyTrip performs rigorous due diligence on every organization in order to ensure they are performing charitable work in a transparent and accountable manner, and that they meet local requirements for registration with their local government. In addition to this, most of the causes on GiftMyTrip are known to you.

We collect and review documentation for every organization, including its legal documents, financial records, program materials, and lists of senior staff and board members, in order to validate that the organization is running the project as described. We also evaluate the organization’s capacity to implement activities, and communicate about its work, and we research the organization’s relationship with previous funders. Finally, we ensure that the organization is compliant with anti-terror guidelines and international guidelines for philanthropy.  Once they’ve been vetted and added to the GiftMyTrip, each organization is required to submit quarterly project reports, including activities, accomplishments and results of the project to-date. These reports are emailed to travelers who contributed by booking their trip on  so Trip Gifter can see how their donation is being used and what progress has been made.

No. We do not charge conveyance fee as other Travel Portals do. Some of them charge as high as Rs.500 per ticket. However, we charge 2.9% fee per transaction levied by our payment gateway.

Yes. When you complete your booking, the system will automatically calculate and print the full information such as Name of the cause, amount being contributed etc in a thank you note. Also, you will receive an email.

No. You cannot claim a tax exemption for the same as you are not a direct donor to the cause. 

Yes, we will notify you as soon we process your contribution to your cause.

We settle contribution to the causes on  in the first week of every month.

Yes, you can refer a cause or organization that is close to your heart. Download our android app and submit a cuase and we shall contact them for further listing process. Once they meet our listing criteria, than we list and notify you.

Do you have more questions ? please drop us an email at or contact us at +91-7975504165